007 Lotus Esprit by Grip

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From the movie The Spy Who Loved Me

Not sure if this is part of the Jumbo Series, but it is packaged the same way as the Black Mach 5

DSCF1432 copy

DSCF1435 copy

DSCF1436 copy

Complete examples should include 5 missiles, 1 normal rear bumper, 1 hydrofoil engine bumper and a white sheet showing the wheels (not exactly sure what it is telling you, as the box shows all the functions).

DSCF1438 copy

DSCF1440 copy

DSCF1452 copy

DSCF1443 copy

DSCF1448 copy

Sub mode

DSCF1447 copy

DSCF1453 copy

DSCF1446 copy


One of the more interesting of the Grip line. I'll take it over the Corgi version for sure ;-)

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