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Above Picture: Godaikin robot boxes made by Popy Japan & packaged by Bandai America.

One might argue that the Godaikin toy line started when Bandai executives visited the trendy Outer Limits store in Manhattan.  They were intrigued that such high end (Japanese packaged) toys sold to adults.  Bandai America eventually took brainstorming ideas  from store owner  Mike Luckman, and joined the Dai (big) with the Kin (kindred) and Gods (conjuring mythological references).  Super Sentai Deluxe toys found a new home under Godaikin branding.

Bandai America took some new old stock Japanese toys, added in American packaging, Godaikin name branding, and then distributed the package out of California and New York.  It is ashamed that pricing had to be high and that there was less supporting material such as T.V. shows.

Rumors have it that Bandai shipped cases of the toys loose to Allendale, NY to avoid paying customs duties. They sent them in plastic bags without boxes and in cases marked "Spare Parts".

Ultimately the Godakin line succumbed to their high price.  Transformers toys undercut pricing, substantially, and left these chogokin robots (a diecast brand name) as shelf warmers.  Kids just couldn't afford these collectors items.  Many of the best toys such as Tetsujin, and Golion were under distributed due to financial decisions.