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Shinsei is most known for their construction vehicle toys.  These toys are high quality diecast replicas of heavy machinery used in the construction business.  Shinsei branched out into space toys with their UFO Commander 7 series.  Many of these toys bear obvious resemblance to construction vehicles (and now you know why), while adding futuristic looking transparent domes with interior chrome mechanics as the command centers. 

These toys were later released in the United States by Empire Toys under the Star Mites name.  Empire Toys even released a second series of all new, original designs while borrowing aspects of the first series and other toy lines, such as Yonezawa's Astekaizer series.  So while the second series of Star Mites toys are not truly Shinsei products, they are filed under this company for ease of viewing.  It is also interesting to note that Empire changed the name of the toy line slightly from Star Mites to Star Mite with the release of the second series.