Max Factory Big-o Gokin Robot Toy (for big kids)

on Saturday, January 07, 2012.

Did you happen to see the release for the Max Factory Big-O?  No, me either, it kind of snuck up on all of us after years of rumors and delays.  It was quietly released late Summer 2011.

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Well slip off the blacked out case and movie credit cover and behold beneath the lid!  "Cast in the name of god, Ye not guilty!".  Max Factory Big-O is a tour-de-force of modern tech and vintage diecast robot heft.

Fingers are articulated, the joints ratchet, and then rubber grommets have been added to the joints!  -Nice touch, along with the extensive detailing.  Light up features are included too.

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Metal chains are included with the bot along with, ACK, white gloves!  Then dense gray foam insides remind me of something from Toy Story.  The price does too, I'm sorry to say, with a current retail at closer to $500 at Angolz, which is one of the few places to stock it.

 thumb Max-gokin-gloves  thumb maxfactorybox 

From the classic giant robot anime 'The Big O' comes a MAX Alloy of the strongest megadeus - the Big O itself! It's the biggest model to join the MAX Alloy series ever, measuring an incredible 300mm in height and weighing an unbelievable 1050g!

The model can recreate a number of the Big O's famous attacks including 'Sudden Impact', 'Cannon Party' and 'Mobydick Anchor'. Even the famous poses from the 'Arc Line' and 'Chrome Buster' attacks can be recreated using the giant model. Additionally, Roger's favorite car, 'Griffon' is also included and can be stored in the left foot of the robot just like in the anime.

The hands can be posed in a number of different ways which allow you to to create even more unique scenes from the anime, plus the model also comes with replaceable 'clenched fists' for a more imposing look. A special kind of painting gives the figure a very realistic appearance and a high quality finish - all coming together to create the ultimate model of the Big O!
Product Details

* Product Name MAX Alloy Big O (MAXごうきん びっぐおー)
* Series The Big O
* Manufacturer Max Factory
* Category MAXALLOY
* Price 39800円 (including tax)
* Release Date 2011/08
* Specifications Diecast posable non-scale model, approximately 300mm in height.
* Sculptor Max Factory
* Released by Max Factory
* Distributed by Good Smile Company

Item Size: 38cm X 22cm X 43cm

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